Car Park METRO-Center Düsseldorf

Description of the car park

Two ramped parking aisles and one horizontal aisle, 8,5 levels; links to an existing office building

Building owner: MDH Secundus GmbH & Co. KG. Düsseldorf
User: METRO AG Düsseldorf
Project management: Bilfinger Berger AG Hochbau Entwicklung, Köln
General contractor: Bilfinger Berger AG, NL Düsseldorf
Planning performance by Anselment, Möller + Partner: Architecture, traffic planning, structural layout, specimen structural analysis


Car park data
Number of parking places: 1.331
Width of parking places: 2,40 m
Parking angle: 70,6 °
Span (longitudinal/across): 5,09 m / 15,54 m
Storey height: 2,64 m
Commencement of construction: January 2006
Opening: December 2006