Underground car park Post Galerie Karlsruhe

Underground car park, three floors

Building owner:

Deutsche Post AG, repretsented by: Deutsche Post Bauen GmbH

General contractor: Consortium Post Galerie Karlsruhe: Dywidag, Züblin, Bilfinger + Berger, Hochtief
Design of the surface area:

Design community Güdermann/Meier - Lörrach/Freiburg
Winner of the design competition for the Stephansplatz

General design of the car park: Anselment, Möller + Partner GmbH
Photos: Klaus P. Müller, 71384 Weinstadt


Number of parking places: 326 cars
Width of parking places: 2,30 m
Parking angle: 67 °
Span: 5,00 m / 15,15 m
Storey height of level -1: from 2,86 to 3,24 m
Storey height of level -2 and -3: 2,62 m
Construction period: 1999 / 2001
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