City Parking in Oberursel

Underground car park with three floors

superstructure of apartment and business offices on 25% of area.

1. Basement for three parking alleys and for cellars for superstructure

2. + 3. Basement with four parking alleys. All levels can be accessed by split level ramps.

Building Owner:

Bilfinger + Berger
Projektentwicklung GmbH, Frankfurt/Main

General design (without superstructure): Anselment, Möller + Partner GmbH
Design of the staircase on the Epinayplatz: Architects Fink + Reinwald, Darmstadt
General contractor: Bilfinger + Berger Bau AG, Frankfurt/Main


Number of parking places: 329 cars
Width of parking places: 2,35 m
Parking angle: 75 °
Span: 4,87 m / 15,51-15,61 m
Storey height: 2,70 m
Construction period: 1996 - 1998
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