In 1964, the engineering firm of Walter Anselment specialized in the design of multi-storey and underground car parks. The idea was that the entire parking area should be free of columns by the use of a concrete structure which should be specially tailored to the needs of car parks and remains nevertheless economically. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Müller was the engineer who developed the design of this structure for him.

Since then, many with national and international awards decorated user friendly car parks were realized, which stand out over usual structures by bright, column-free parking aisles with wide and angled parking bays and one-way traffic. Roughly 30 ADAC recommendations and two European Parking Awards testify along with a number of other awards the high acceptance and usability of this design. The fact that this structural system along with the associated construction method is also extraordinarily economical is proved by many successful contractors proposals, which we worked out for different construction companies.

When Walter Anselment retired in 1993 the Anselment, Müller + Partner GmbH was founded. It was a member of the Emch + Berger Group until 1997.

In August 2011, after a long illness, Dr.-Ing. Johannes Müller died. We will always honor his memory together with the one of Mr. Walter Anselment who died in 2006.

Meanwhile, the AMP Parking Holding GmbH was founded as an umbrella organization. It manages its subsidiaries AMP Parking Europe GmbH based in Karlsruhe and AMP Parking Africa & Middle East SARL, based in Algiers. Some more subsidiaries are planned. Nothing has changed regarding our high standards for the quality of car parks.