Underground car park Goetheplatz in Frankfurt am Main


Description of the car park

Covered underground car park with three floors and two parking alleys; entry in the 1st basement; storey can be accessed by a spindel ramp; exit in 3rd basement through a disused metro tunnel; link in the 1st basement to a shopping mall; at-grade closing of the escape stairways by horizontal gates


Building owner:Parkhaus Goetheplatz GmbH Frankfurt / Main
Project management car park:Bilfinger Berger Parking GmbH, Frankfurt / Main
Project mangement cable routing:Frankfurter Aufbau AG, Frankfurt / Main
Planning performance by Anselment, Möller + Partner:Planning of the building, the structure and the building service
General contractor:Bilfinger Berger AG, NL Hochbau Mainz-Wiesbaden

Car park data

Number of parking places:591
Width of parking places:2.40 m
Parking angel:71.9 °
Span (longitudinal/across):5.05 m / 15.125 m
Storey height 1st basement:3.00 m / 3.40 m
Storey height 2nd / 3rd basement:2.70 m
Commencement of construction:October 2003
Opening:May 2006