Car park St. Josefs-Hospital in Wiesbaden

Foto: Horst Goebel

Car park with 2-3 floors and two parking alleys; storey can be accessed by two spindel ramps; direct entry to the foyer of the hospital; underground connection to a second car park in the 2nd and 3rd basement; mechanical additional air and natural air circulation.


Building owner + project:Filialinstitut der armen Dienstmägde Jesu Christi, Wiesbaden
General design:

Vehling - Architects BDA Ingenieure, 

Bad Vilbel - up to the building approval

incopa - Gesellschaft für Bauplanung und internationale Cooperation mbH.

Saarbrücken - working design

Planning performance by AMP:Planning of the building, the structure and the building services
General contractor:Riedel Bau GmbH & Co. KG, Schweinfurt
Design of the surface area:F.-J. Hendrikx landscape designer, Heuchelheim

Car park data

Number of parking places:246
Width of parking places:2,50 m
Parking angel:47,33 °
Span (longitudinal / across)6,80 m / 13,30 m
Storey height groundfloor:3,10 m
Storey height 1st/2nd basement:2,65 m
Commencement of construction:May 2005
Opening:August 2006