Underground car park "Rose Garden" in Frankfurt / Main


Car park with 2 basements and 4 parking alleys

Storey can be accessed by two straight ramps side by side

Mechanical ventilation without metal ducts.


Building Owner:Collaboration between the city of Frankfurt am Main and Frankfurter Diakonie-Kliniken
Project management:temak projektmanagement und projektsteuerungs-gmbh, Trier
Design performance by AMP:Design of the building and the structure
General contractor:Bauunternehmung Fritz Mayer GmbH, Altenkirchen

Car park data

Number of parking places:185
Width of the parking places:2,50 m
Parking angle:70 °
Span (longitudinal/across)5,32 m / 14.61 m
Storey heights: 1st basement / 2nd basement:2,94 m / 2,71 m
Commencement of construction:October 2008
Opening: November 2009