Underground car park Health center in Oberkirch


Description of the car park

1-storey, four-aisle parking garage with mechanical supply and natural exhaust air. New connections to all existing underground « Marktplatz » about the new parking garage « Gesundheitszentrum » and joint operation of both underground. the garage floor is made of concrete pavement In part by building over a health centre with 4 levels with medical, pharmacy and restaurants. Direct access from the garage to the health centre.


Building Owner:Fidelitas Bau- und Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG, Oberkirch
Design performance AMP:Design of the building, the structure, ventilation and the drainage.
Design of the health centre and the surface:Architekturbüro Müller + Huber, Oberkirch

Car park data

Number of parking places:107
Width of the parking places:2,50 m
Parking angle:57 °
Span (longitudinal/across):5,96 m / 13,70 m
Storey height:2,70 m
Commencement of construction:January 2009
Opening:October 2009