Undergound car park at the Alexanderplatz in Berlin


Description of the car park:

3-storey, 2-aisle underground car park. Road access with entrance from southeast and northwest and exits to south-east and northwest in the 1. basement. The internal connection between the floors -1, -2 and -3 is realised via spindle ramps. The access for the delivery trucks to field D3 realised via the ramp axis 23,5 / 24,5.


The underground car park was build in "Covered construction". The cover was built on concrete diaphragm walls which are visible in the basements. The diaphragm walls, together with precast concrete columns are bearing the roof slab. The foundation and the intermediate slabs were completed after excaviation from the bottom up. The 1- storey part of the building (axis 31 to 39), the underground connection to D3 and the truck access were built in an open excavation. 


Building owner:Q-Park GmbH & Co. KG, Düsseldorf
Project developer and general contractor:Wöhr + Bauer GmbH, Bauen und Parken, München / Berlin
Design performance by AMP:Design of the building and the structure


Number of parking places:655
Width of the parking places:2,50 m
Parking angle:75 °
Span (longitudinal / across)5,40 m / 14,90 m
Storey height 1st level / 2nd & 3rd level3,88 m - 4,12 m / 2,75 m
Commencement of construction:January 2008
Opening:October 2010