Refurbishment of the Rotteckring car park in Freiburg / Breisgau



The underground car park Rotteckring in Freibug / Breisgau was built in the years 1969 / 70 on the basis of an AMP design in "covered construction". A department store is located on the top of the car park. Once significant chloride loads have been identified, the building owner decided to do a complete refurbishment. The refurbishment was also used as an excuse to adapt the parking bay geometry to today's car dimensioins. This reduced the former number of 396 parking places by 48 places to 348 places.

The fire protection requirements were also adjusted to today's standards. The four basement levels, which previously were - according to the regulations in the former building code - only one fire compartment, were divided into two separate compartments, wherein the first together with the second, as well as the third together with the fourth basement are a fire compartment now. 

In this context, the operating system was upgraded, too. The Rotteckring car park together with four other car parks will now be operated centrally from a control center, which is located in the Konzerthaus car park. 


Building owner:Freiburger Kommunalbauten GmbH, Baugesellschaft & Co. KG, represented by Freiburger Stadtbau GmbH
Design performance AMP:Traffic Design, fire doors, floor making, signage and car park operating system

Car park data

Number of parking places:348 cars
Width of parking places:2,40 m & 2,50 m
Parking angle:70 ° & 80 °
Renovation beginning:January 2012
Partial opening (1st and 2nd basement):December 2012
Destined completion:June 2013