New build underground garage, Stadthalle, Hechingen

Foto: Levin Liebmann

The parking capacity for the Stadthalle no longer accommodated the existing and foreseeable number of visitors to the Stadthalle, Fürstengarten and Obertorplatz. As a result of a feasibility study, a one storey underground car park combined with parking spaces on the roof was developed. The entrance and exit ramp were positioned between the Stadthalle and the underground car park, which could also be used for deliveries to the Stadthalle.

The existing children's playground was rebuilt after the underground car park was completed.

The parking level consists of two traffic aisles, on which the 2.60 m wide parking spaces are arranged diagonally on both sides of the aisles for convenient accessibility.


Client:Stadtwerke Hechingen
Planning service AMP:General planning building phases 1 – 7, M&E Planning phases 1 - 7
Building contractor:A.List GmbH, Reutlingen

Car park data

Number of parking bays:59
Gross car park area1.200 m2
Net Building cost:2.000.000 €
Build begin date:March 2020
Opening date:January 2022